Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mark 14:11

Judas has just been sitting with the Savior and decided he had had enough and wanted to make a profit by turning Jesus into the authorities.

"And when [the chief priests] heard it they were glad, and promised to give [Judas] money.  And [Judas} sought how me might conveniently betray [Jesus]"

Wow.  When I read that sentence it sounded disgusting.  Judas didn't just want to come out and yell where Jesus was, or fess up to Jesus and say he was selling Him out.  No, he wanted to be a coward and to be sneaky.

Although this sentence sounds preposterous, is it really so far from our own experience?  How many of us seek to conveniently betray Jesus?

Isn't it interesting how we try to cover up our sins from others around us?  "Timmy!  Did you break this vase??"  "No mom!  of course not!  I was in my room all along!"  Even though Timmy's mom may be fooled, God is NEVER fooled, He sees all.

How can we be more aware of God's presence and stop attempting to conveniently betray Jesus?  Have you ever heard the saying, that goes something like "The integrity of a man is based upon what he does when no one else is watching"? This is a perfect idea, because we should be doing good things because we want to and are genuinely good people, not because we have an audience.

Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ see all and know all.  Don't start thinking that in an instance where you did bad and did not get caught that is did not matter.  It does matter.  We should fear God much more than any police, friends, or mothers.

Let us decide today and do our best everyday to not conveniently betray Jesus

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