Thursday, July 28, 2011

"The Spirit of Revelation" -- Elder David A. Bednar

This talk is on such an important topic. It is a foundation of out religion that we can receive guidance from God, and do use that counsel to govern out church and our own lives.

The first, and essentially important, step is being able to receive revelation. Elder Bednar tells us that everyone who has received the gift of the Holy Ghost at confirmation, if they are "acting in faith to fulfill the priesthood injunction to 'receive the Holy Ghost'", meaning, they have a "Sincere desire and worthiness [to] invite the spirit of revelation into [their] lives," can and will have guiding personal revelation afforded to them.

But how can we gain this state he is describing? Elder Bednar puts it perfectly:

"Because the Spirit whispers to us gently and delicately, it is easy to understand why we should shun inappropriate media, pornography, and harmful, addictive substances and behaviors. These tools of the adversary can impair and eventually destroy our capacity to recognize and respond to the subtle messages from God delivered by the power of His Spirit. Each of us should consider seriously and ponder prayerfully how we can reject the devil's enticements and righteously 'apply unto it', even the spirit of revelation, in our own personal lives and families."

I was talking to Danny the other day about this topic. He said that while he was on his mission in Armenia, that he would teach The Word of Wisdom and the commandments different than most missionaries. He would tell them that they needed to rid themselves of their bad habits of smoking and drinking in order to qualify for baptism, but he would also tell them that they would eventually need to rid themselves of ALL bad habits in order to become perfected. These may include: sleeping in, over eating, not serving others, hot temperament, laziness, etc. etc. etc.

And he is totally right. As we master ourselves, we can "master" the world around us, because we can in control. If one drinks and drives, they are no longer in control. If on is sober and drives, they are more in control. If one follows ALL traffic laws, they have the most control. And so it is in every aspect of our lives.

This includes personal revelation. The more clutter of all kinds we release from our lives, the more open our channels of revelation can become. We can become closer to Heavenly Father.

I have a testimony of personal revelation. Just like our earthly fathers give us directions, Heavenly Father wants to help us in our lives. I know this is true because I have experienced it myself.

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