Friday, August 26, 2011

"An Ensign to the Nations" -- Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

In this talk, Jeffrey R. Holland is explaining how all the conference talks are inspired, and that the speakers have the members of the church in mind as they prayerfully select their topics.

He also talks about discipleship. He quotes President Harold B. Lee, who said:

"the gospel is 'to comfort the afflicted and to afflict the [comfortable]'".

Elder Holland explains that by saying:

"Obviously as the path of discipleship ascends, that trail gets even more narrow until we come to that knee-buckling pinnacle of....'Be ye therefore perfect, even as your father which is in heaven is perfect."

See, the act of getting on the good path is not too hard. If may not seem like it, but they Lord does not give us too many commandments. For instance, the requirements to be baptized. A baptismal candidate does need to clean up their life, but we do not expect them to be perfect on their baptismal day. However, as they continue on the path of righteousness, they will expect more of themselves, and the Lord will expect more of them too. For "unto much is given, much is required."

That goal of perfection has the power to "afflict" us, or to uplift us. Eliminating bad behaviors and habits is a tough job, but relishing in the results of living a cleaner life is so much better.

Lastly, this is an amazing point made by Elder Holland:

"in matters of discipleship, the Church is not a fast-food outlet; we can't always have it 'our way'. Some day EVERY knee shall bow and EVERY tongue confess that Jesus is the Christ and that salvation can only come HIS way."

I add my testimony to his. We are not to shop around and choose a church that meets OUR needs, we have to fulfill what HEAVENLY FATHER needs of us. And because He knows all and loves all, that path will, actually, fill OUR needs, because He wants the best for us.

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