Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Testimony" -- Elder Cecil O. Samuelson

This talk is all about testimonies. He goes through many points on who can have a testimony, how to obtain a testimony, and if a testimony is gained all at once or over time. I really appreciated his first point:

"Who is entitled to have a testimony? Everyone who is willing to pay the price -- meaning keeping the commandments -- may have a testimony."

The reason this one sticks out to me, is that I have heard so many people say: "I know this church is true, I am just having a hard time giving up ________." Well, according to Cecil, this person cannot have a testimony.

When I think of testimonies, I think of infomercial testimonials; when people would call in and "testify" of the effectiveness of the product being sold.

"The Slap-Chop dices up all my veggies in just seconds!"

"I love my Show-Time Rotisserie Oven! I would never cook my chicken in anything else!"

"Oxy-Clean really does remove my toughest stains right before my eyes!"

Now imagine if the host talked to the caller and said "So, do you actually use the Slap-Chop?" and the caller would reply, "well, no. But I am sure it does work!" That is not a true testimony because they do not use the product themselves.

If you "know the church is true" but are not keeping the commandments, then a lack of faith is there. Deep inside you do not do the commandments because you do not believe they will work for you. Because if you had faith -- you would drop anything and start keeping those commandments immediately.

I have a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know He lives and that He suffered for my sins and pains and weaknesses. I know that He loves us enough to have prophets alive on the earth today to guide us and keep us in the right way. And I know that by keeping His commandments that I can have happiness in this life and joy in the life to come.

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